Friday, May 6, 2011

GreenGeeks cpanel login issue II

After I reported yesterday my client login-problems on Greengeek via chat, today again I get login failed messages, on their login site, that worked once in the morning as well as on the login URL provided yesterday in Chat. Trying to fire, just gives no answer by now ;-( An interesting fact is also, that I can see my user and password in cleartext as part of the Login-URL (*Well they called to give a good reason for that, it helps to give better customer support for people doing typos with username and password): Anyhow eager to get started with my new Hosting, I feel to use for 4th time their customer chat: Here comes the protocol:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'George'
George: Hello, My name is George, welcome to, may I have your name and how can I help you today ?
you: Hello my name is xxxxxxx, after my chat yesterday, I am expecting again login problems for user xxxxx. It accepted once my login from your official client-login page in the morning, now, neither the login-link you provided yesterday in chat, near the official client-login works
George: May I have your domain name please.
you: I registered for domain xxxxx, but it is not redirected yet
George: Ok,
George: Please let me know the browser you are using.
you: Latest firefox, chrome and internet explorer
George: Tried on all three ?
you: Yes! I always work on different browsers at the same time!
you: For cookie, cache and session reasons ;-)
George: Try to login to your cPanel via:
you: I tried that too, as it was the solution in chat yesterday, today I do not even get response there
you: wait
you: let me doublecheck
George: Ok,
you: fine, why I get everyday different login-URLs, I do not want to bother you tomorrow with same issue
George: is this working for you ?
you: Yes, now it works, but would be great, to have one login URL working constantly
George: It will,
George: You are facing local cache issue.
you: for example the customer-login page on
George: Please clear browser and DNS cache issue.
you: Can you explain that in more detail, I am using exactly the same browser as before, if it was a caching issue, it should not been working this time neither, right?
George: But it worked with a different URL.
you: By the way, how it can be, that I see my user and Passwort in your URL?
you: So what is your recomendation, I am used to use the same browser, to login at hostmonster, ix-webhosting and from time to time, other cpanels from clients... What is the special think about GreenGeeks i need to know? I just want a solution to work smoothly, no problem to do some extra configuration
George: greengeeks is not blocking access, its cache issue at your end.
you: ok, let me check, I will use firefox, webdeveloper toolbar, disabling any cache
you: Do you want a screenvideo of that? I have cache disabled by default on firefox
you: and same error
George: Greengeeks is not blocking your access in any way.
George: Clear DNS cache.
you: It did not say I am blocked, it says my login fails, not sure if that is the same
George: if the issue re-appears. Close the browser, Clear DNS cache
George: Reboot your PC and then login again
George: see if you are able to login or not
you: I just logged out from cpanel and could not login again using chrome
you: what is easieast way to clear dns cache
you: Sorry, but I never had to do that before
you: Done, same error message!
George: Did you reboot the PC ?
George: And please try Mozilla
you: And beam this chat to another PC? How a reboot would affect the cache issue
you: Following your tutorial, the message, that dns cache is cleared should not have done the job?
George: I'm sorry, but I cannot resolve this issue. I am going to have to escalate this to our level 2 technicians to take a deeper look into it. Can you please submit a ticket by e-mailing with the username/password and the issue that you're experiencing? I'll make sure that one of our techs gets on it right away.
you: You leave me no other choice, I will have to do that, my IP by the way is xxxxx if that might help. I mailed them this morning for migrating some websites as you promote on your webpage
you: By the way, your send chat transcript here in liveperson, does not work neither!
you: I am going to publish each chat with you guys on my personal weblog, until it got fixed, anyhow, I apreciate your chat response time and iniciative to help people
you: Have better luck with next costumer and a very good time after that.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please email your issue to and I will get a Sr. tech look into it.
George: Thank you very much for chatting with us today.
Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

So here my mail to them:

Dear Support team,

following my current chat, I need to ask for your help in order to login to my recently bought eco-hosting-package. I am trying to access you control panel with the user xxxx and password xxxx as mailed by you recently. It seems, that it allows logins only for one time, as you can revise in my chat protocol, I tried to clear any kind of caches. Error message I get on second time, simply is: Login failed, with Cpanel login mask.

Thank you for your help, also for aplication to migrate some scripts of my previous hoster to you (Ticket ID: CJN-xxxxxx)

Feel free to ask for any information, that might help!



Here their quite quick response:


We do not place any limitation on number of logins, you can login as many times as you may want to.
This is possible cache issue, Please change your web browser (Try Mozilla) and clear cache.

Please get back to us if you need any further assistance and let us know how else we can help.

Thank you and have a great day,

Galvin R.
GreenGeeks Support Team


My response to that:

Dear Customer support,

thanks for your quick response to my issue, please read my previous chat I published for record on

I definitively was not stating, that your restrict logins to your web service, but trying to document my observation that for until now unknown reason, I am not able to login twice using the same URL using different Browsers, Computers, doing basically exactly the same I did thousand times before with other webhosters like Hostmonster, Godaddy, Ix-Webhosting ...

Maybe I should grab a little Video uploading it to Youtube to express myself better? Just let me know, how I can support to solve that issue.


just some hour later:


I am going to go ahead and escalate this ticket to our Quality Assurance team, who will get in touch with you shortly regarding your request.

Please get back to us if you need any further assistance and let us know how else we can help.

Thank you and have a great day,

George Saunders
GreenGeeks Support

At least I must say, that support works pretty fast, I got called by quality assurance almost within same hour, which helped to clear the issue. After I was able to make clear, that I for sure did no typo with my username and password, we figured out, that there seems to be a cpanel bug that one need to know, since it seems to require to close webbrowser completely. I was able to relogin, from another browser or after closing my webbrowser completely, so finally nothing to do with caching or port-blocking, if not with internal GreenGeeks logic. Anyhow, I apreciate a lot, that I got a true answer, making me feeling better and hope to start a better relationship than recently with ix-webhosting. Looks I will get around by myself and get a first point of my best practise page!

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