Friday, May 6, 2011

Greengeeks Site migration Service

In their Webpage as in their welcome mail, they state:

Requesting Free Site Migration Service

GreenGeeks will migrate your web site from your existing web hosting provider for free, for full instructions on how to request this service, please see:

As I had very bad luck with the current IX-Webhosting promotion, I am trying to get my project from IX-Webhosting to Greengeeks, following their instructions. As their webpage states:
We'll move your site for you! FREE!

Moving your web site can be a daunting task. That's why when you purchase web hosting with GreenGeeks we'll help you migrate your web site from your existing host over to us.
What does this include?

Fully communicate throught the migration process
Migration of all site files, databases & e-mails*
Assistance with changing nameservers
Migrations done within 24-48 hours
Domain registration transfer assistance
How do I take advantage of this offer?

For full instructions on what is required to get the site migration process started, please see Free Site Migration Request Instructions.


I cant find anything about mysql-databases in their instructions, so I will write my email and kindly ask, to transfer that also, before I am going to change or take the inconvenience to host my dns on their servers, as I am satisfied with Godaddy for that issue. I am also little bit excited, if it is really true, that I can leave my DNS in Godaddy, if I do not want a lifetime Domain on behalft of Greengeeks (as long as I am more convinced about their service).

Just a little later I find this quite contradictionary Message on this not directly linked webpage

Please note:

GreenGeeks provides a free Site Migration service, with the following limitations:

Moving from a cPanel provider:
If moving a non-reseller shared account from a cPanel provider, GreenGeeks will take a backup of your entire cPanel account and copy it to our service. Resellers are required to take backups from their current/previous provider and upload them to the home directory of their reseller account.

Moving from a non-cPanel provider:
If migrating a non-reseller account, GreenGeeks will migrate your main site, and up to 2 that site may use. GreenGeeks is not responsible for migrating mail, addon domains, subdomains, or anything other than the main site files and no more than 2 databases.

Resellers are required to move their customer accounts, and GreenGeeks will provide no migration services for non-cPanel accounts.

So here comes my email to them:

Dear support,

I would like to move my former Web Applications to you. The Master Login to my former Webhost you find at:

The username of my principil admin is xxx, my password is xxxxx
Please move my aplication, including mysql-databases, php.ini files and updates in settings.php files, including update user-pathes to connect application to new databases to new hosting.

Once I see them working, second step would be to mail my current DNS- configurations of used domains.

Thanks for your help, I am looking for to get any status or question directly to this mail in order to mail you my current Hostmonster DNS - configurations.}

I got quite fast my automated confirmation asking for more details like ftp-login, and login data to their own hosting, lets see how long they will take, to give me more details about status...

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