Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Webhoster, new Luck

Comparing Webhoster in Internet can be a difficult task, AS IT-Engineer that studied Information Technology and in special New Medida E-Comerce, I am dealing with several Hosting Providers for last 9-10 years. Unfortunately Webhoster have a strategically good position to manipulate Media to get good rankings in Media. It is also common practise to hire people for writing about them on Blogs, Forums and Social Media, so this is a little exercise, blogging each time I will need there support. This is also a little bit my result of my current problems which I have with IX-webhosting, that have absolutely unaccaptable server response times (between 3-14 SECONDS , and I measured that by third party services, no telling, that is impossible to run php-mysql aplications like drupal or moodle). Hope this information will help others a little bit to take a good decision! For sure it is a good exercise on Webpositioning for myself also.

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