Thursday, May 5, 2011

Greengeeks offer 4.95 Eco - Fast Order Process???

Starting on website, I selected most prominent 4.95 banner, that claims: 4.95 $ Dollar a month instead of 6.95$, 99.9%uptime, 30 day money back guarante, no hidden cost and super fast activation. Clicking that banner you learn fast, that it only applies if you pay 3 years in advance, which is one year more in Average. So upfront investment is about 180$, but there is a field called coupon code during registration process. So I googled Greengeekscoupon, which brought me to A website that immediately triggered my kaspersky antivir program and is registered by Registrant:
Domains by Proxy, Inc.


Domain servers in listed order:

Anyhow, that coupon code, reduced my bill, I immediately payed via Paypal:
After that I got 6 times my order confirmation mail from greengeeks, but not no access to my account: the order confirmation mail states:

Thank you for your purchase of GreenGeeks web site hosting service and for choosing to host your web site GREEN!

We have only one more step in the confirmation process so that we may activate your order.

We confirm all orders by phone so that we do not process fraudulent orders. This protects cardholders and our existing customers.

We will call you during our regular phone business hours or you may call us during those hours to confirm your order and expedite the activation of your account.

Our phone hours are:

Monday - Friday 9am EST - Midnight EST Saturday - Sunday 9am EST - 8pm EST Dial 877-326-7483 ext 1 to confirm your order If you have placed this order after our phone hours for the day please expect a call the next day to confirm your order.

After the confirmation of your order you will receive several emails from us. The email with the subject line: New Account Information is the email which will contain your server logins. This email contains URL's and places where you will go to login to your account. Because of these URL's some email clients may interpret the email as spam, so if you do not receive this email after the confirmation of your account please check your spam/junk mail folder or contact our support department to have the email resent to you.

Thank You again for your business and for your commitment to Eco Friendly Web Hosting.

Thank you,

Trey Gardner

GreenGeeks CEO

Well, interested in their service, I tried to call them using JustVoip, since I am not in USA, anyhow, my 3 trials did not succeed, which might be a problem of my VOIP-Provider, so I tried their webchat as follows:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Vance K.'

Vance K.: Hello, my name is Vance, welcome to Green Geeks, may I have your name and how may I help you today ?

you: Hello, I just bought your eco plan for 3 years and tried to call you in USA in order to activate, anyhow, I get kicked out

you: Is that the superfast activation process you are promoting on your webpage?

you: What information you need to aktivate my account?

Vance K.: Domain name please

you: xxxxxx.xxxx

you: my paypal transaction code is 1AK29653SU4686921

Vance K.: Checking

you: the way I got 6 times the same order confirmation mail in 2 minutes

Vance K.: The number mentioned on our website is working fine.

Vance K.: Also, representatives will call you to confirm your order, often within a few minutes of your signing up. We call and confirm over 90% of all of our orders because of the use of Fraud in our industry. This practice of confirming most orders by phone, while it does add minutes or sometimes hours to the order process, it protects potential victims and protects the Green Geeks company.

Vance K.: no issue with that

Vance K.: You will get charge only once.

Vance K.: Wait for their call

you: Yes, I got that text 6 times in 2 minutes, after buying for years with paypal it is the first time I have to wait a phone call

Vance K.: Yes, I understand your concern. But this practice protects potential victims and protects the Green Geeks company.

Vance K.: Thank you very much for chatting with us today.

Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

I will let you know, when I hear from them!

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